Sometimes a complex statistic summarized in a simple image can make you think.

It is always understood that the South, the heat, and the joy go together, but it seems that it is not, at least in this ranking.Of the 15 countries almost all belong to the northern hemisphere, and most countries in cold weather at least in winter, so that topic does not work.
Neither do the measures work as a preferred value, there are huge countries and very small countries.
There are countries with many history, and younger countries, institutionally speaking. With their own languages, or with acquired languages, countries within a larger geographic entity or small isolated islands.

Where is happiness then?

I believe that in the hearts of person, in cultures that surpass the economy we have created today, because they have social bases in the tradition of a lifestyle.

Countries with less political noise than mine, which obviously is not on the list, it is not necessary to be an expert but enough to be a citizen with a conscience. More respect for the difference, elegant in the forms, sweet in the deal.

With different material values, passion for novelty and for the old too, with awareness towards nature, and many surrounded by sea.

Being surrounded by sea, shows us how small we are in relation to the planet and the universe.
That’s why I like to make small evaluations of great subjects. Thanks World Economic Forum